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Motorul fierbinte zdrăngănește pe Volkswagen Golful meu

Having a care in good conditions seems to be a vital requirement for almost everyone, as we are all dependent on our cars, whether it is to go to your job or for personal reasons. So when we locate some thing different about our Volkswagen Golf, we rationally usually tend to ask ourselves queries. If, in your case, it’s your engine that rattles when hot on your Volkswagen Golf, you’ve come to the good website. We know that this is a recurring problem and so we have chose to produce a specialized content to enable you deal with it. To do so, first we will look into the problems in connection with hydraulic tappets and valves, then at combustion problems, and to conclude at the engine rattling when hot because of problems in connection with the lower engine.

Engine rattling when hot on my Volkswagen Golf because of the hydraulic tappets

If you find out the engine hot rattles on your Volkswagen Golf, and this noise is located at the top of the engine, it involves that it comes from your cylinder head and its accompanying components. There are two possible causes of an hot engine rattling on a Volkswagen Golf. Either the hydraulic tappets, in general it is because of their sistem de „prindere hidraulic” defect, că veți auzi aceste zgomote de clicuri, adesea când este cald și nu când este rece. În caz contrar, jocul culbutorilor sau starea lor de uzură este responsabilă. În acest caz, luați în considerare înlocuirea lor.

Motorul Volkswagen Golf zdrăngănește când este rece

The engine of my Volkswagen Golf is doing some rattling noise when hot because of combustion problem

A doua varianta, daca ai impresia ca zgomotul fierbinte al motorului este in legatura cu arderea motorului tau, exista trei cauze posibile pentru aceasta. S-ar putea ca dvs sincronizarea nu este sincronizată and that it does not manage the synchronization of the different components of the engine to supply good combustion. And finally, the most common reason comes from your injectoare, which are either clogged or damaged. Don’t forget to go to your repair shop so that he can inspect the component that seems to be at the origin of your engine’s hot clicking on your Volkswagen Golf.

Engine of my Volkswagen Golf rattling cause of problem in the lower part of the engine

To finish, if you have outlined the area of origin of your engine that hot rattles on your Volkswagen Golf that comes from your lower engine, it may be that your bielele sau bolțurile pistonului sunt la origine. In both cases, the risk in the long run is engine breakage. These two repairs are particularly complex and most mechanics will advise you to replace the engine of your Volkswagen Golf. In any case, don’t wait when you detect such a problem, it will enable you to anticipate an upcoming big repair or at best find a less expensive option, rather than find yourself faced with a failure with the origin of your engine rattling when hot and the end end result being your engine breaking down on you when you come home from work. Don’t hesitate to look at our catalogue of items on your car that can enable you solve other concerns or learn more about your Volkswagen Golf.

Ecranul tactil al Volkswagen Golf 2 nu merge

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