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Lumina motorului rămâne aprinsă GMC Sierra

Keeping an eye on your car is necessary in these modern times, indeed, if you do not do the minimum maintenance of it, or if you do not pay attention to symptoms of abnormality, you clearly risk to see your car withering away. This is specifically the topic we will be dealing with today, one of the indications that most disrupt motorists is a engine light on GMC Sierra. To try to help you analyze this light, first we will find out what this engine light on GMC Sierra means, then in a second what to do to turn off the engine light on GMC Sierra?.

Why is the engine light on my GMC Sierra on?

The point of the engine indicator light on your GMC Sierra is to keep you notified of a motor failure, it can be linked to many different complications, and, according to how it turns on itself, will correspond to more or less serious failure. We are going to review the 3 kind of warns of the engine light of your car

The motor light on my GMC Sierra flashes or blinks every once in a while

First scenario, and certainly the least problematic, is the circumstance where, from time to time you identify the motor light of your GMC Sierra blinking, but which stops after a certain moment. In this scenario, you most likely experience temporary breakdowns, in most cases it announces o componentă care începe să se defecteze, dar încă funcționează, asa ca trebuie sa te gandesti ca cel mai sigur in putin timp va trebui sa faci o reparatie mai mult sau mai putin importanta.

The engine light of my GMC Sierra is blinking or flashing all the time


If the engine light on your GMC Sierra is flashing non-stop, you should rather quickly visit your repair shop to have a closer look at the cause of your problem. We even suggest you to switch off the engine of your GMC Sierra instantly to avoid making the problem even worse, because a continuously flashing engine light on your car is the most severe case that can happen to you and you are inevitably the victim of a “serious” breakdown.

Ecranul tactil GMC Sierra nu funcționează

The engine light on my GMC Sierra comes on and stays on

În cele din urmă, ultimul caz în care poți fi victimă este scenariul în care ledul motor rămâne aprins continuu, în acest ultim scenariu, ești absolut victimă a unui problema de poluare. It is possible that some of your sensors consider that your exhaust emissions do not comply with the standards that your GMC Sierra must respect. You will need to go to your mechanic fairly quickly to examine the exact cause of this problem and avoid a more substantial breakdown.

How do I turn off the engine light on my GMC Sierra?

În această a doua parte, vă vom însoți turn off the engine light on your GMC Sierra. This may seem difficult, but there is a fairly easy process to evaluate the exact cause of your problem, here are the two alternatives available to you.

Use a diagnostic tool to turn off the motor light on your GMC Sierra


Primul tratament, cel mai accesibil, dar care va necesita un pic de hardware din partea ta, este to use a diagnostic tool or also called suitcase to read the fault code of your GMC Sierra , do not be reluctant to browse our content on this subject if you want to have information on this operation. The interest is to reach the data of the ECU which records all the details of the various complications and failure you may face, it will allow you to have exact information about your problem and therefore to resolve it by yourself if you want to avoid paying the labor of a garage. However, some complications can be major and lead to technical repairs that will be complicated to carry out without the help of a specialist.

Go to a mechanic to have the engine light of your GMC Sierra engine switch off.

Second possibility, as we told you in the previous section, nothing beats specialist advice on technical complications such as those you face if the engine light on your GMC Sierra is on or flashing. He will be able to get the information from the ECU in detail and especially to translate it, a tricky step for persons who don’t have special mechanical skills.

Cum să blochezi un GMC Sierra cu o baterie descărcată?

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