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Cum elimini capacul butucului meu Mercedes Classe S?

Whether our car is old or new, we tend to appreciate that it is in good condition, whether externally or internally, taking care of its car will help you to resell it with less effort and more expensive. Whether it’s mainly because you need to sell your car, or because your hubcaps are damaged, replacing hubcaps is not a very complicated action. In this article, we will describe how to remove an hubcap on my Mercedes Classe S. Pentru a realiza acest lucru, mai întâi, vă vom ajuta să alegeți capacul roții pentru mașina dvs., apoi, cum să le schimbați, cu scoaterea capacului roții din automobilul dvs., apoi montarea celor noi.

How to choose the hubcaps of my Mercedes Classe S?

It is essential to know that the wheel covers of your car are only cosmetic, they have no influence on the braking capacity, the grip, the acceleration of your car. It will as a result be up to you to buy the hubcaps that you like the most. The only importance you can give them is to preserve your metal rims that are hidden in back of them. Even so, dependant upon the level of quality of the wheel cover of your Mercedes Classe S, they will protect them more or less well. Remember that capacele de butuc costă între 20 și 60 de euro, cel mai important pentru a le alege va fi să te uiți la dimensiunea jantelor tale pentru a alege specificațiile potrivite, you will have this info on your tires (example: 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches). The other important things to take in consideration will depend on your tastes , the purpose, if you desire to resell your Mercedes Classe S for example it may be necessary to take off your damaged hubcaps and replace them with the original hubcaps to make your car as tidy as it can be.

Cum se curăță injectoarele Mercedes Benz Clasa S?

How to change the wheel cover of my Mercedes Classe S?

Now let’s go to to the section that you’re probably most excited about, how to change your Mercedes Classe S’s hubcaps. First we will see how to take out the wheel covers from a vehicle, then how to install the new ones.

How do I take out the hubcaps of my Mercedes Classe S?

Să mergem, îți vom arăta cum remove the hubcaps from your Mercedes Classe S. This is one of the simplest maintenance actions, however many people don’t know how it works and don’t dare to force on their hubcaps for fear of damaging them. In fact, hubcaps are simply clipped on your rims. To remove them you will simply have to trageți capacul roții cu o șurubelniță plată, de exemplu, pe capacul roții to remove it from the rim of your Mercedes Classe S. Once unclipped you should be capable to remove it by pulling it to you. It is simply fixed by small plastic lugs that have just lodged in the rim flange. Redo the operation on the other wheels to take out all the hubcaps from your automobile.

Fit hubcaps on my Mercedes Classe S

Ultimul pas al ghidului nostru, trecem la etapa de reasamblare a capacelor. Nimic nu poate fi mai simplu. Pur și simplu trebuie identificați duza de umflare a roții dvs, align it with the notch on your hubcap, present the hubcap in front of the rim of your Mercedes Classe Sand put tiny punches or mallets all over the hubcap to clip it on the rim. At last, you just have to perform the same operation on each of your wheels to finish the task.

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Acum ești în stare to remove a hubcap on your Mercedes Classe S si pune altele noi.

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