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Ce cauzează supraîncălzirea Volkswagen Transporter 5?

One of the most annoying concerns that can appear on a Volkswagen Transporter 5 is to observe its temperature gauge increasing. The reality is, a gauge that rises above 90/100° is commonly a symptom that Volkswagen Transporter 5 se încălzește. If you are in this case, you took the good decision to click on this website link because we will make it easier for you to situate the source and understand the motive. To get this done, in the beginning, we will look into the causes for engine overheating and the hazards you run, and secondly, what possibilities are available to you to get rid of this phenomenon.

De ce se supraîncălzi Volkswagen Transporter 5? Care sunt riscurile?

A Volkswagen Transporter 5 that heats up is an indication of a critical trouble. Nu trebuie să vă gândiți că vă veți ocupa de asta mai târziu pentru că, dacă o faceți, riscați să deteriorați ireversibil motorul mașinii dumneavoastră. De fapt, dacă Volkswagen Transporter 5 se încălzește și continui să conduci, riști pur și simplu să spargi motorul mașinii tale. An internal combustion engine works through combustion, which triggers heat. This heat must be controlled because it can damage the engine parts. If you see white smoke starting to surface of your engine and you feel a loss of power, your Volkswagen Transporter 5 is heating up and you are damaging your engine, you must stop.

Care sunt cauzele încălzirii unui Volkswagen Transporter 5?

  • O scurgere în sistemul de răcire

    If you on a regular basis run out of coolant and refill your system on a regular basis, you might have a leak, so have your system checked out for leaks. It is also plausible that it is your cylinder head gasket that is defective, in that case you should notice “mayonnaise” in the area of your engine oil cap.

  • Un caloristat mort

    The function of this part is to switch on the engine cooling only when the engine is at optimum temperature, if it is broken, the coolant will never reach the engine and your Volkswagen Transporter 5 will heat up. Check its state.

  • Un radiator blocat

    Nevertheless this situation is less common, if your radiator is very dirty, or clogged with impurities, its cooling fins will no longer perform their role and on hot days your Volkswagen Transporter 5 might overheat.

  • Un ventilator care nu mai funcționează

    Be sure you check the state and operation of your fan, furthermore to the air produced by the speed of your Volkswagen Transporter 5, it has a decisive role in cooling your engine when it has to be the relay when you drive slower. In the instance of a breakdown and travelling at low speed, your car will inescapably heat up.

  • O pompă de apă deteriorată

    Finally, it is plausible that your water pump is at the end of its life. Actually, its task is to flow the coolant throughout the circuit, in the case of problem this operation stops and your Volkswagen Transporter 5 heats up. This might be because of a defective belt that has ruined your pump. If this is your case, go to your garage area.

How can I solve the trouble of an heating up Volkswagen Transporter 5?

Moreover to having checked out all the parts that may be causing your Volkswagen Transporter 5 to heat up, you will have to make the right moves to limit the risks in case your vehicle gets hot and you have no other alternative than to go home, or to go to your mechanic.

Aici sunt câteva sfaturi dacă mașina ta se supraîncălzi:

  • Reduceți turația motorului, dar nu și viteza:

    Reducing your engine speed will allow you to limit the heat emitted by the engine. However, try to stay in 5th gear at 70/80 km/h in order to have a large natural airflow to limit the heating of your Volkswagen Transporter 5.

  • Stop the engine of your Volkswagen Transporter 5 if you meet or exceed 100°:

    Nu va grabiti, intr-un caz de supraincalzire este mai bine sa faceti pauze si sa lasati motorul sa se raceasca decat sa il impingeti si sa riscati sa se rupa.

  • Porniți încălzitorul:

    Pornirea încălzitorului vă va permite să scăpați de o parte din căldura din blocul motor, este un răspuns eficient. Și invers, opriți aparatul de aer condiționat care generează căldură.

În cazul în care aveți întrebări suplimentare despre Volkswagen Transporter 5, nu ezitați să consultați categoria noastră Volkswagen Transporter 5.

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